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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Mobile Developers & Designers of Toronto

After much deliberation, I have decided to start up a group in Toronto called the "Mobile Developers and Designers of Toronto". Mobile development is on the uprise, and I believe that a group like this is needed right about now.

It will be a monthly meeting with presentations by other developers and designers, with lots of opportunity for learning and networking.

How is this group different than Mobile Monday Toronto? MoMoTo has been around for almost three years now, and I am a regular attendee (when I can make it). They get a large turnout, and have recently moved their meetings to the facilities at MaRS. Jim and Alex have done a great job putting this group together and get some large draws for the presenters.

What MoMoTo does not do all that well is give presentations that address the needs of developers and designers. It doesn't talk about the technical and creative challenges presented to the teams that are in charge of actually building the various mobile applications.

So, look it up on Facebook, and join the group. Come on out to the meetings (our first is April 8th). If you would like to present something, please drop me a line!


Bryan Rieger said...

I actually did something very similar last year in creating Mobile Design UK (http://mobiledesign.org.uk/) which allows for a discourse that isn't always appropriate (or of interest) to the crowd at Mobile Monday (London). As designers and developers, having more practical discussions around 'how' rather than 'why' is much more useful day-to-day.

Thus far turn out has been much greater than expected with average response being around 40-50 individuals, with the community generally growing event-on-event. Nokia (among others in the industry) has expressed interest in sponsoring many of the events, and providing additional resources where possible.

A recap of the last one can be found at: http://blog.mjelly.com/2009/04/mobile-design-event-at-seren-.html

Best of luck with it, and I hope they are as well received as the Mobile Design UK events have been so far.

BTW - nice to see my hometown developing into a center for mobile. I'm originally from Toronto and still miss wandering the Danforth or Annex on weekends. :)

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